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I'm a 16 year old girl who hangs out with a lot of older teenagers (17-20 year olds)...and I really like this boy who is only 19. My best girl friend (who is also 19, almost 20) used to tell me that him and I would make "the perfect" couple, and I actually took her opinion into consideration after a while...until she started f*****g him. Both her and him are pretty much party animals who love to have a good time, and they're basically "f**k-buddies"... They have sex all the time and they don't care who knows about it. She tells me that she doesn't like him (because he's a replacement for her ex boyfriend-which is really screwed up by the way), and my other friends say that he likes me a lot-and I know he's attracted to me because..well, lets just say he hints me all the time! At this point, I don't know what to do.. I really do like him, but I really dislike sloppy seconds. (So basically summing it up, I like him, he likes me, but he's having sex with HER) Does he not want me because I'm a virgin? Am I too young? Or are there other things I'm missing? What do I do?! %-)

ps. He's not just some random cute boy I like, we really are A LOT a like, and we get along just should I give up and let him go? Or fight for what I want?..


OK things to remember
from 16 to 19 theres a LOT of maturing done and changing
if he likes you he'll be willing to give her up (just the sex portion don't ask him to give up the friendship)
no one can make this choice for you and you have to look in your heart and say do i want to date him
and if u do decide you'd want to tell him and if he doesn't want to because of the age difference don't be offended 3 years doesn't seem as bad when someones 19 and 22
AND check state laws on the age of consent


So you really like this some what older male, there really is not a big differance in 3 years, I was married to a just 17 yo, & i was 20, we had a child in about 18 months later, and all the other part of the story.. now I find out that my daughter at 19 married a person about 4 years younger then I am and they have 3 children now. so that part is never a problem,

The real problem is what he wants from you if you start dating him, giving up yourself just to end up giving your heart for sex is not the best way to go about it, but it is your heart and body, and no one can say anything about it.

So get him away from the other lady and talk with him, about being a party animal, being with you, and your attraction to him. He may wish to slow down and date you "the old fashion way" and see you as the caring person you are to him, if not don't fret, "that fish might have a sour taste to it".

Now I know that sometimes or most or the time a young male needs trainning & a slap on the face to see something more properly, so "do what ever it takes" and when you find yourself with the changing moment in your life, think it throught, and be a good scout "Be prepare" have yourself start on the pill now and condoms / jel & diaphram ready for your use & safety.

Love is in the heart; all else is from the raging hormones your age has, and that is not your fault.

Has this helped any? I wish to know more as it goes forward so I will be looking to see your new post here.