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I had protected sex 8 weeks ago on the first day of my period and that period continued as normal.

Then, I strangely got another period only 2 weeks after my last period started (i.e. start dates: Jan 27 and Feb 12). This period was lighter (which I guess could be because it came so early) and had no clots (which i usually have). It, however, last the full 6 days that my periods usually last.

Since this happened, I did not expect another period on Feb 27th, but rather one on March is now March 18th and I still have no period.

I have taken five urine pregnancy tests since the weird early period happened. The first three were done by the doctor and the last one I took at home (this one was taken on March 19, ~8 weeks after I had sex on Jan 27)

I feel no other symptoms but I have no idea where my period is! I am hoping that since I had sex 1.) on my period, 2.) used a condom, and 3.) have had all negative pregnancy tests since then, that I am not pregnant. I am scared and I think that may be stressing me out even more, possible making my period later than it should be.

Would it be safe to assume I am not pregnant, or should I get a quantitative hCG test done to confirm this? Any advice or ideas as to why I may be late?

Thank you so much for your concern.


i don't think you're pregnant, especially since you've taken tests. your periods just sound irregular, so you should get that problem checked out, because there could be an underlying problem causing the irregularity.