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I had protected sex 7 weeks ago on the first day of my period and that period continued as normal.

Then, I strangely got another period only 2 weeks after my last period started (i.e. start dates: Jan 27 and Feb 12).  This period was lighter (which I guess could be because it came so early) and had no clots (which i usually have).  It, however, last the full 6 days that my periods usually last.

Since this happened, I did not expect another period on Feb 27th, but rather one on March is now March 18th and I still have no period.

I have taken four urine pregnancy tests since the weird early period happened.  The first three were done by the doctor and the last one I took at home (this one was taken on March 14, ~7 weeks after I had sex on Jan 27)

I feel no other symptoms but I have no idea where my period is!  I am hoping that since I had sex 1.) on my period, 2.) used a condom, and 3.) have had all negative pregnancy tests since then, that I am not pregnant.  I am scared and I think that may be stressing me out even more, possible making my period later than it should be. 

Would it be safe to assume I am not pregnant, or should I get a quantitative hCG test done to confirm this? Any advice or ideas as to why I may be late?

Thank you so much for your concern.


i just started taken birth control this month.i knw my bodys not use to the pills but i still have unprotected sex with my bf (he knws the risk).i been have forgot to take the pill 3days (not in a row) this month and still had unprotected sex, im taken the part that suppose to let you have ur period bt havent got it. For 3days i been frequently urinating more and i get more urges to pee(does hurt or anything so i dont think its a uit,i had one before so i would knw)wen i wipe i have very light pink it becuase of the birth control nt on track?or is it something else?is it even normal?( i dnt have medicade so i cnt just go to the doctors)