My cycle is always regular and starts on the 9th-11th of each month. My period in December was 12/7-12/10. For some reason in Jan things got out of whack and I started on 1/2. That was my last period. I am not on the pill and my husband and I used the pull out method. I was waiting to get my period this month to start the pill again. We were not planning on children for another year. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests since I was late, each about three days apart. I have 0 symptoms..not tired, boobs aren't sore, no morning sickness. Is it possible I am just late or missing this month all together?? I am very sensitive to my periods so think I would feel something different if I was pregnant? Has anyone gone through anything similar? I have been eating sushi and drinking alcohol and have not felt any different as well.

Additional Details
Did I mention that all four of those pregnancy tests are Negative? It wouldn't be bad news just not planned. I am just baffled because according to the date I would be 6 weeks pregnant so the negative tests and non symptoms are making me wonder?? Thanks!