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Well like the title says I am currently 58 days since my last period. I have taken 3 tests and all say negative. I have no health insurance so I can't ask for a blood test. My periods DO jump around and I do NOT have any symptoms. I want so badly to be pregnant but I am not sure I really am. I have looked into everything and nothing should of caused me to be so late. Here are my periods for the last year
2010March 3
April 27
May 23
June 21
July 17
Aug 13
Sep 11
Oct 9
Nov 6
Dec 16
Jan 15

Like I said I am regular as in every month just not the number of days. I already did calculations and I'm usually between 27 and 30 days. In Feb of 2010 I had an MRI of my back (non related) and they found a 2cm cyst on my left ovary. I don't feel it and do not know it's there in any way. My GYN said it will most likely go away. I had a pap in Feb 2010 as well after that and it came back normal.

I had blood work in Feb 2010 and everything was normal then to. (All were just routine visits not for anything specific)

So what can cause this super late period? It's March 13 and and still NOTHING!
Here are possible signs/symptoms but they can be in my head ;)
Veiny breasts and chest
Cough (but i'm not sick)
tired (but not crazy tired just a lil more)
Itchy upper tummy (very itchy but no rash or anything, I only mention because I had this with my son)
tiny bumps on my areola (when nipple is not hard)
Frequent Urination (this can be me drinking more but I still pee ALOT)

So that's it. Ideas? Suggestions?


I am having thy smilar situation I have missed my period for 8 weeks and 1 day I have been going crazy and dont know what is going on


You could have polycystic ovarIan syndrome (PCOS). I was on the pill so I was getting my period each month. When I stopped taking the pill I didn't get a period for 3 months, thought I was pregnant, I went to a doctor and she had me get blood tests and ultrasound and with the results she diagnosed me with PCOS.


I am on day 58 since the start of my last period. My gyno can't see me for another 3 weeks. But I definitely have the same symptoms of the lady that posted this! It's very frustrating