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NO BLEEDING FOR 2 MONTHS NOW First of all, I'm irregular. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on feb 23rd. He didn't release inside me and I was on my 3rd day of period that time. After sex, I immediately took plan B. Since I was on my period, I didn't know if I'm gonna have another period again. So I waited.. 6 weeks and 3 days after taking plan, I had my period (March 27th). It last more than 10 days. I believe it was 13/14 days. I thought that's my period and I'm fine. I waited again til I get my second period. I tested on March 15, it was negative. I tested again on March 27, it was still negative. I tested again on March 29, it was stil negative. I thought I'm still fine. I just need to wait. But I didn't have any period on April and March. It's June 1st now, and still not getting my period. PLEASE HELP



If you took three pregnancy tests and they all say negative, there's a good chance you are NOT pregnant. If you're still worried, go to a doctor/clinic and see if they can provide you with a pregnancy test. 

Also, cycles can be irregular for many reasons. For example, if you have been extremely stressed about the situation you're in, that could be what is affecting your cycle.

Hang in there!