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I had sex feb 26, Had my period in march same heavy flow (march 20) But I missed it in april I got a pregnancy test april 27 by my schools doctor it said I was not pregnant 8 weeks after I had sex (How accurate are pregnancy tests 8 weeks after sex) Then may 18 I had a doctors visit, she did the sonogram on me (with my mom there scariest moment ever because it wasn't for pregnancy it was just a regular check) She didnt say anything about me being pregnant And neither did my mom(mother of 3) who watched So she should know what it would look like right? at that point I was 11 weeks I guess Then may 19 i got my period same heavy flow just 3 days instead 5 I've gained a lot of weight over the past 6 months about 40 pounds. So I have a belly It Isnt hard though. Although part of me thinks my fat could be covering it. (How hard would a belly be at 14 weeks? If I was pregnant?) I'm 18 turning 19 So after a negative pregnancy test @8weeks 2 heavy periods And a sonogram @11weeks And a kind of squishy belly Am I pregnant?


The sonogram would have picked up the baby at 11 weeks, the heartbeat would have been seen on the screen as would have the baby/fetus.  You are not pregnant.  If you were your doctor would have to tell you so that the baby would have the best chances of survival so that you start prenatal vitamins and have your prenatal appointments every month, etc.  You might want to get your blood checked as it sounds like you might have a Thyroid problem instead of a pregnancy situation, this would explain the dramatic weight gain.  Hope this helps