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so it started about two days ago and i felt like a slight pain on my butt cheek, last night it started to get worst and it hurt to walk with out irritating it since its the inside of my butt cheek. i checked it out and its like a hard bump and it hurts to touch it, and i have a next one on the opposite side of my cheek but no pain from it yet o.O

does anyone else know what this could be so i can stop it %-)


Hi am 18 and Im a male and I have a lump on my buttcheek as well Iive had it for a few years now. At first I thought it to be a cancer (dramatic reaction) but now it started to get red swollen Irritated and painful so today I found out it was bleeding And that was wierd but now am pretty sure it's a cyst from The size always going large to small. Still I am considering Getting medical advice from my doctor soon Just to be sure but I have the same problem and don't worry to much You should use antibiotic creams. Peace out!!!