Hollow cyst between butcheeks?! OK so today I felt a small white bump on my left butt cheek, me being the way I am with white heads I took a needle and carefully drained it. But while I'm cleansing the area with alcohol I notice a super smooth patch of skin about a nickle diameter large. I then notice it's semi hard under it. I grab the needle thiking it's another white head and push in to drain it. It goes through and a clear substance barley comes out, I push in again and this time I accidently push all the way down to the head of the 2" needle with zero pain and it felt like it was hollow inside this random pocket of whatever it is. I then yest it moving the needle tip all around and again no pain and it doesn't feel like it's hitting anything.... This is the strangest thing. Anyone know what this is? I've had a cyst before on my leg but it never felt hollow like this. It's crazy! Any help would be great. Thank you!