hi .. so im freaking out like crazy. . me nd my boyfriend wer making out a few days ago.. I gave him a ha****b nd he came on my boobs and hand.. I had my leggings on..den I cleaned my hands nd body with a very wet cloth nd he washed his hands with only water.. im pretty sure I got all d sperm off my hands nd I did som dancing nd twerking on d bed.. i touched d bed som pillows ..my hands wer dry.5 to 10 minutes later...he came close to me nd performed oral sex on me..ive been freaking out for d past for days..cz I also touched myself with my hand nd he did with his hands too..his hands wer dry nd mine was too..could I be pregnant?.. d nxt day I started feeling premenstrual cramps. . pls I need a a reply urgently