So my boyfriend and I were at his house and one thing led to another and we were making out in his bed and then he started fingering me and ate me out and then he had all his clothes off and asked me if he could stick his penis in to see what it feels like and I said no and then I gave him a blow job and then we were done. His hands were dry and he showered before i came over but he could have masturbated or something and had sperm on his hands. I know this sounds crazy but I'm late for my period and I'm worried that I'm pregnant even though we didn't have intercourse and his hands were dry and he didn't come at all. Please don't call me stupid or anything for thinking this but I'm still worried. We are both 15 and I've had my period for about 2 years and have only missed a period once before and now I'm late. I don't think he pre came or anything because I didn't feel anything wet and he didn't touch my vagina after I have him a blow job (I don't think, maybe he did but I'm pretty sure he didn't). While he was fingering me I was kind of giving him a hand job and he may have pre came then (not came) and then I touched my vagina but I didn't put my fingers in side I just touched my clit. Someone please help.