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I let my boyfriend finger me and I dry humped him. We were both fully dressed, i also touched his penis and then touched myself. Could I get pregnant? I also noticed his pants had a wet spot (most likely from pre cum) while dry humping him. I'm stressing myself out. I was wearing leggings and underwear, he was wearing jeans and boxers, Help?


  1. The first thing is that if it didn't happen in a fertile period, then you would not get pregnant. But you have given no cycle details (LMP start; cycle length) or stated the date this happened to determine the likelihood of your fertile time.
  2. If he fingered you with a finger that had sperm on it then sperm could have been introduced into your vagina.
  3. Whereabouts did you touch his penis (what part)? Could you have got sperm on your fingers?
  4. Where exactly, and how, did you touch yourself. How near to your vagina did you touch? How wet were you?
  5. Pre-cum can contain sperm.
  6. Sperm only swim. You didn't say what underwear you were wearing, and whether the fabric was open-weave, nor wether it was wet, but it is unlikely that the sperm would swim through 4 layers of material without a lot of fluid and thin fabric.

I hope this helps as a start.