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-Every answer is appreciated. Help a girl out!-

Okay, I really should be asking him all that he remembers to be sure of what I am about to type, but I do not want to worry him.

Me and my boyfriend were fooling around. We are both 17. My last period ended on 14/10/13 (I think). It was regular. I have taken the morning after pill before but I do not want to go and get it again if it is not completely necessary. 


Him and I were fooling around on his bed. It began with making out, this then lead on to him stimulating me and fingering me(sorry to be graphic). We were then grinding- he still had his boxers and jeans on at this point. 

That part does not concern me.

What happened after that concerns me.

I decided to give him oral, and so he touched his penis to get it out of his boxers and jeans to prepare. I gave him a ha****b while pulling my underwear back up, and he did not feel moist.

I then went down to give him oral. He still did not feel moist until my saliva was involved. However, I could notice that the tip of his penis tasted different- it tasted of urine(don't ask how I know), but I ponder if that could have maybe been pre-cum. We were interrupted when a family member knocked on the door- and so he gave himself a ha****b to stay hard while he politely asked them to leave. He had not ejaculated at this point. 

He then slipped his fingers down my underwear and began fingering me again, while I continued to give him head.

I am 70% sure that he used the one hand to finger me- as I remember at most points he had his right hand close to my head and his penis. I hate to take things out of proportion but I am really worried that he used both hands to finger me without me noticing.


There was NO direct contact between his genitals and mine at any point. And to finish up, he ejaculated- I swallowed everything and we did not continue any sexual acts after that- so I know that there was no fresh cum near my vagina at any point. 

So really, all I want to know, is IF the substance I tasted on the top of his penis was infact pre-cum/dried cum, and IF that had entered my vagina, are there any possibilities of me being in need of the contraceptive pill.


Please do not lecture me- I usually feel mature enough to handle this and go to collect the pill but I do not want to go again unless it is completely necessary- it makes me feel rough. I am completely responsible for my actions.

Thanks for helping me out!


no because it couldnt go up your tube so no worrys