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Hello, I am rather thankful for finding this site, and hope that I can find a solution to my recent problem concerning my reproductive organs. I really like how the forums are quick and response and very informative. Hopefully this will soon ease my troubles.


Different moderators and supporters check their areas with different frequencies.

Sometimes a response is offered by other visitors, and some take a while.

it depends upon the question and the complexity of the subject.

What's your question?


Yes, I've tried creating a new topic on one of the other forums, but it says that I do not have any 'bonus posts,' therefore I can't.
If this question is rather...'explicit,' then I understand but than you for your time; here we go I guess? Haha

Today is my second day of having this odd yellow to brown discharge that has stained my underwear. Yesterday I was surprised to find a sort of...watery staining that ranged from a faded yellow to actual light brown traces. I have had sex today, but other than that I have not since I suppose 5+ days ago; even then I never saw any sort of discharge except for the usual (normal). I've searched this topic around the internet, and I guess I'll point out some aspects that make me rather confused on what's happening or why:
- I have always had protected sex with a condom but no pills
- The night before the first discharge I masturbated, but that was it
- I ended my period around the 15th and won't start up again till around the 11th of next month, so I am sure that the discharge aren't traces of blood, etc.
- The first discharge was a lot but did not have an abnormally foul odor or anything, and today's was much lighter or less, but still had a slight brown tinge

I'm rather worried about this because this has never happened before, and I've read that it could be cysts, possible pregnancy, etc., but I just don't know; especially seeing as I have protected sex and haven't had any other issues since the last time I did it (meaning the 5+ days ago).

I hope this wasn't too confusing haha but thank you again for your time, and help!


You've come to the right place to ask these types of questions. Few are too explicit for us to answer... SOMEONE is always on hand to give a response. Unfortunately, as I am not female, I'm not the best person to respond. 8-| (It took me halfway down your posting before I confirmed that you were female... but that's just me not wanting to assume anything.)

I'm going to move this question into another forum thread and ask another moderator to try to answer. Stay tuned, OK?
Also, you may get a response from someone else who has come looking for answers and can shed some light on your question.

Good luck. ;-)


Oops, :$ I've discovered I can't move posts from this forum, so i've send an email to another moderator, asking her to join in here. Perhaps she'll respond shortly.

In the meantime, let me say that it sounds like you are NOT pregnant. You appear to be taking precautions, and have always used protection.
So, I'm thinking it's not that. Beyond that, I think I'll let a woman answer.

Good luck> Stay tuned.


Hi both of you.
First cawNUH welcome to SteadyHealth. I hope that you will find many information here.
Second I'm not going to move this topic because it was your introduction topic.
You know how to post a new topic, and you do not need any credit to open a new topic. Just do everything like you did while opening this thread, but in an appropriate forum.

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Hi & Welcome! :-)
On some forums you must post at least one or two answers before you can post your question. This is because SH wants to improve the experience sharing, and to be honest I think that;s a good idea. I am sure everyone can share their health experience before asking a question of their own...
You have two posts by now and I think you can post your question to the appropriate forum. I hope this helps. Let us know if you can post your question now, if not, we shall notify moderator or admin, and have this fixed.
Thanks & Cheers,