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"Racism against white people" — is that an actual thing? As a white woman and a midwife, I have to admit that this question is slightly outside of my realm of expertise. Fortunately, it so happens that I'm quite interested in the topic, so I'll have a go. 

The "too long, didn't read" version is quite clear: no, there's no such thing as reverse racism, but everyone of any racial or ethnic background can be a jerk towards any other person. The long version is much more complex. 

Reverse Racism: Let's Be Honest

So-called "social justice warriors" — many of them white, male, and able-bodied, I might add — are rearing their heads everywhere. They may tell you that you can't call a person "autistic", and should instead refer to them as a "person with autism". They may tell you that it's inappropriate for white people to wear dreadlocks or for a little white girl to dress up as a geisha for her birthday party. They may even tell you that practicing yoga is not OK. Believe me, I've heard it. 

This political correctness is going too far, you may think. Far too far. In my personal opinion, it's best to hear from as many people belonging to the relevant group as you can, and then to make your decision. As it happens, Japanese people aren't that bothered by little girls dressing up as geishas and Jamaicans aren't too bothered by Australian teens sporting dreads, as far as I've gathered. But by all means, make your own conclusions.

In any case, none of these things are as important as the underlying facts. 

Those are facts like — in the US, black people go to prison five times more often than white people, and the rate of unemployment among African Americans is higher than among any other ethnic group. Those facts sting a bit more than knowing there is such a thing as affirmative action (which exists to correct a situation of systematic injustice, rather than to take your jobs away) or not being able to say the "N-word" while black people can, no? Yes, I thought so too. 

The "SJWs" say that racism is power and privilege. What power? What privilege? You may ponder these questions if you're a decidedly unprivileged and un-powerful white person. The real question is, all things being equal, does it suck more to be an unprivileged and un-powerful white person, or black person? In trying to answer it, you really start to gain insights into the question of reverse racism. If people of your ethnicity could historically have owned people of the ethnicity you think may be practicing reverse racism, your question is basically answered. 

No Reverse Racism, But Everyone Can be Prejudiced

If racism is about the systematic, rather than personal, discrimination that a group faces, there's no such thing as "reverse racism". That still doesn't mean that your black, Hispanic, or Asian potential-parents-in-law can't hate on you because you're white, and many other scenarios like it. These incidents don't follow in a long line of being discriminated against because of your skin color, but they still don't feel good. As a white person, you can definitely face prejudice from people of other racial or ethnic groups, and that's probably the very thing you are most likely to see as reverse racism. 

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