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The most informative post or the most helpful answer will be chosen by community members every month. Its respective author will be rewarded. The author will get the opportunity to choose his/her award.

Every member automatically participates in the Vote Contest by posting interesting and informative posts on forums. For helping someone on the forum by answering different question, you get the chance to win a Gift Card in worth of $150.

The better and the more informative your answer is, the more chances you have to win the contest. To provide you with the most accurate and democratic contest, every member of community has ability to vote for any post they want. Exceptions are the posts users wrote themselves. The author of the posts that wins the most votes by 31st in a month at 23:59h is the final contest winner for that month.

The most active members have the strongest voting power. By the rules, you are getting vote power on every 3rd post you make. So, the more posts - the more voting power. When members vote, they spend their voting power reciprocally to number of votes they give to a post. At the end of every vote contest, members get their full voting power so they can vote in next Vote Contest. All votes from previous contest are dissolved.

You can get banned if you post meaningless posts just to obtain voting power. moderators are constantly controlling new posts. Other forms of abuse in the contest are strictly prohibited.

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I just wanted to say that this site is very enouraging and I really like how it is set up/and the fact that you need to reply to post.

Thanks again for setting up Steadyhealth.


I enjoy this site and the comments posted but lately I have noticed quite a few posted replies by the same users that have no useful information at all.
It's as if the users are just trying to see how many post they can reply to.
I spend lots of wasted time filtering through these post and I must say it is very annoying.
Anyone else feel this way?
Thanks for letting me vent.


Hi KariB and thanks for your input. Lot's of times our members will "check back" if you will, to a post that may have been a bit older, just to see how that person is doing.
We like to keep the board busy and by re visiting an older post, we can stimulate that activity by trying to get another response.
Also many of our visitors are here for one post and one reply only and we try to encourage them to come back and hang around a while.

Someone may have posted their concern 5 months ago, never to return. We will reply to that post as it could be similiar to another newer poster, there fore we shoot that older issue back to the top as it may be helping out someone else with the exact same problem.

I will admit that some folks just pop on, say what they have to say, and be gone. If the post is ridiculous, it gets deleted.
If there is something else that bothers you please let me know as i can take it up with administration.



yes, i m agree with you, The most active members have the strongest voting power........thanks for your posting.....

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