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Joy and manifestation are all about keeping your frequency high.

I was on my morning walk when I heard my Guidance say to me, seemingly out of nowhere, "Everything is about frequency."

"Tell me more," I said.

"How you feel and what you manifest in your life is all about frequency - which comes down to your thoughts and beliefs, your actions, and what's going on with your physical body."

Thoughts and Beliefs

My thoughts and beliefs create my wounded feelings, or create how I deal with my core painful feelings, or open my heart to my feelings of peace, love, and joy.

Keeping my frequency high means staying aware of my feelings in Step 1 of Inner Bonding, so that I immediately know when I need to attend to my thoughts and actions. It means that I consciously choose thoughts of caring and gratitude, and that I've reprogrammed my wounded self to think positive thoughts as its primary means of control - rather than the self-judgment and negative thinking that was programmed into me as a child.

Keeping my frequency high also means going to my Guidance for truth rather than automatically acting on old false beliefs.


Actions that support my highest good, and are based on truth rather than on the lies of my wounded self, keep my frequency high. Checking in with my Guidance regarding all actions - both mundane and significant - is necessary for keeping my frequency high.

It is vitally important that I stay tuned into my feelings so that I instantly know when I am behaving in a way that is out of alignment with truth and with my highest good and the highest good of all. My essence instantly tells me when I am off course by getting tense, stressed, anxious, sad, and so on, and when I am present with my feelings, I can immediately shift into the truth and the loving action.

Any actions that avoid my feelings - particularly my core painful feelings of loneliness, heartache, heartbreak, grief, helplessness over others and circumstances, sorrow, sadness, and outrage - are unloving actions and will lead to lowering my frequency.

The action that most raises my frequency, is to consciously choose the intent to learn, moment-by-moment, about loving myself.

My Physical Body

I cannot keep my frequency high when I am tired due to a lack of sleep, so making sure I get enough sleep is essential for my high frequency. Exercise, too, is essential for my body to function well, so is vital for a high frequency.

Foods have frequency, and their frequency can be photographed through high voltage Kirlian photography. Foods with a low frequency - such as processed, pasteurized, canned, frozen, sprayed, sugared, over-cooked, and foods with additives such high fructose corn syrup, hormones, colorings and preservatives - lower the frequency of the body as the body has to struggle to digest them. Natural organic foods have a high frequency, with the highest frequency foods being fresh raw organic vegetables.

Eating lightly and eating high frequency foods is essential for keeping my frequency high, and for maintaining health. It is very challenging to keep my frequency high when I am ill, so doing all I can to stay healthy is vital for a high frequency.

Your Frequency

If you have never made a conscious effort to keep your frequency high, you don't realize what you are missing! It is when you are in a high frequency that you can easily access the peace, love and joy that are the gifts of Spirit when your heart is open. It is when you are in a high frequency that you can manifest your dreams. Living in a low frequency is like living in darkness - never experiencing the incredible aliveness and Grace that is your birthright.

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