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Who are a Supporters?

Supporters are those people who read most of the comments posted on a board, try to find a helpful answer and ensure moderators that those posts are suitable for the audience. Supporters could easily become moderators and get more user permissions on forums.

Supporters are volunteers with a strong will to help other people and provide best possible information. They shall be familiar with particular topic and skilled with online search technologies which could provide them the best possible support to find relevant information.

Supporter’s responsibilities

The Supporter shall support and help members and guest visitors providing best possible information relevant to user’s post, question or issue.

The Supporter shall share his/her experience or professional knowledge (if any), discussing on topics with other members giving them any kind of support.
The Supporter shall be a charismatic, dedicated person which is ready to help at any time, to give a hug and support people in most critical moments. This person shall have a remarkable character and shall be open-minded.

The major volunteer duties for each Supporter are:

- to respond to topics with fewer or no posts
- to give more attention to new visitors and help them integrate into this community
- to discuss with other users in any particular topic or topic of interest and provide high quality information
- to warn users from possible abuse or fraud products/services
- to report moderators any infringement, SPAM or advertising post
- to help SteadyHealth staff to improve the community system
- in their spare time to write/add some interesting & recent news and/or articles

The Supporters have no strict obligations. They can come and go anytime they want or take it for possible. Most active Supporters could benefit from their intercession. From time to time they have chance to win great giveaways and gifts. Best posters and most active Supporters have great opportunity to become respectable forum moderators.

Supporter’s powers

A Supporter CAN only warn members in case they infringe SteadyHealth General Terms of Use which include:
- Posting guidelines
- Irrelevant or inflammatory forum posts
- SPAM or advertising posts

In case that the members do not obey Supporter’s warnings, his/her duty is to inform moderators or administrators to delete post/topic or to ban the member or forum visitor.

A Supporter CAN NOT:

- Delete or move post or topic
- Edit users post
- Ban a member or a forum visitor

A Supporter can become a Moderator and get higher privileges with the time and ONLY if other moderators and administrators collectively vote for assigning of new rank and permissions.


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