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As i navigate around this forum i see many questions that are answered with the wrong information. Several of our members are young and they come here with important concerns to avoid speaking to mom and dad or their Doctor. Tho some of their questions are head scratchers, they are serious to them. As adults, we may have the urge to scold them, which we can do, gently. Many posts are just plain "out there" allowing several of us to make the decision to delete them.
My suggestion is when a question is raised and if you aren't sure of how to respond to it, don't answer with any ol thing. Search around for the correct answer, then post it. Many visitors are one timers, and they depend on that one time answer. The answer that we provide could be what gets someone in trouble or sends them in the wrong direction. Granted we ARE NOT Doctors but the information that we provide should be as accurate as possible. When in doubt, search it out, or don't answer at all.


While I somewhat agree with what you are saying...I also feel that a great deal of people respond to questions with their personal life experiences and health issues.
I for one appreciatte any response, right or wrong. At least that gives me somewhere to start doing my own research. Maybe the answer was wrong but at least it gives me a place to start and find out for myself.
Most of us are not doctors or in the medical profesion. Don't those of us that use this sight know this? I certainly do.
If they want a medical opinion they should go to a medical professional.
Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.


While i somewhat agree with what you are saying.. it is the younger group of members and visitors that i am referring to. When you are 13 or 14 and think that your pregnant, or that you may have an STD of sorts or if you just have a question general in nature, it is up to the experienced individuals to direct these kids. Many, many times a guest or even a member will ask one question, something that they are really worried or upset about, I.E. i have a red little mark on the head of my penis, do i have herpes? Response, it sounds like you do. Now the kid goes into hysterics thinking that he has a virtually incurable disease.
Most people know that we are not Doctors here, but to a young person who is afraid to speak to anyone, comes here so as not to be known. They sometimes take the first response to their only question and run with it. I have read some very serious and important posts, never to see the guest come back. A 13 year old will not run off to a Doctor, because now mom and dad and everyone will find out. Many kids don't know about the HIPA Law. I have read that here a hundred times. When they find out that such a law exists, they thank me. I have gotten several private messages from scared little girls who all of a sudden feel like the weight of the world has come off their shoulders, because they went to the Doctor without mom's consent as well as mom never having to find out.
That is the only point i am trying to make here.
You can reason with an adult and posts conversations back and forth with them, but a kid is scared and totally confused, and they sometimes don't get the whole concept of growing up in a very sexually charged world.
That's all i am trying to say here., and thank you for letting me voice my opinion, again :-D


I'll have to agree with Bbfeet on this one.

Many kids but adults as well do take the first response they get and never do their own research. We have kids asking questions for their school work because they don't feel like doing their own research. It is the same when it comes to their own health.

We need to give them proper information, something they can use straight away. This is why we are supporters and this is why we are here. We don't need a reputation of giving false information but it is not just our reputation in question,....we really do care that everyone gets the right info or at least a kind word or an advice.

So please, anyone,......if you are unsure about the response, do a little research or just pass the question,....there are many others to be answered.



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There are some useful topics and tips in the Supporters' forum, I don't know if you had the chance to read them.

Anyway, I'll post them here, so they would be easily available to anyone willing to help out.

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I, completely agree with you. In fact,I've found so many times in different forums that the answers are completely different. I, think some guidelines should be formed in this respect.