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and why does it always go under the column that i dont want it to be in??


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Could you be more specific? What do you mean that your post subject change? In order to get replies you should write descriptive topic subjects. If you add just 'Am I pregnant' or 'Help me', moderators and administrators may alter your topic title and adopt it to your problem described in your post.

Probably with 'a column' you mean categories or forums, right?

You have to choose adequate category/forum for your posts, so you have to post topics about pregnancy in one of forums in pregnancy category, and in case that one of administrators/moderators find your post in irrelevant discussion board, they may move it to adequate one and you should receive an email notification that your topic has been moved to another forum, like this one (I moved it from Introduction to Suggestion Box).

I hope this helped. If you have any other issues, just feel free and drop a line here.