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Had sex first time with my girl but it wasnt that satisying. I DID NOT MANAGE TO FULLY PENETRATE. It felt like grinding. And then decised to just masturbate and ofc ejaculate away from my gf vagina.

Here is the timeline to the date with had "sex"

Oct.31- first day of her period

Nov.4 - last day of the typical flow of blood

Nov.5-6 -last day of blood that can be seen in her underwear. 

Nov.7- the day we had sex.

Nov.8-9 - she started taking oral contraceptive pills. Once  every 24 hours.

Nov 10- she decided to stop becuase of side effects like headache and stomach pains.

Nov.13- she had bleeding dark brown discharge/spotting.

 Nov 14- dark brown bleeding diischarge but little flow.

Nov.15-16 - heavier red blood flow.

Nov. 17 - no more discharge

Fast forward.

Dec.1-6- she had cramps,mood swings(ive been observing her).

Dec.7- she experienced bloating

Dec.8- delay for 7 days now and she still has no period.

For additional info, my gf has a condition which i forgot the name, her mother and herself are irregular, my gf went 4 months without period, and at one point went 2months without period also. Her mom, had a surgery before that a cyst wqs removed in her ovaries.

Sooooo am i overthinking? Is my gf pregnant? Or its bec. Of the pills and the fact that my girl is irreg?

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