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I am going to be very thorough so this will be long. I'm sorry

On nov 7 , my bf and I made a mistake. Dry sex. He was naked and on top of me. However I was in jeans and panties. I looked at his penis and there was only a drop of pre-seminal fluid. My underwear was somewhat wet and I don't know if it soaked through my jeans. I heard that there's no risk unless jeans were soaked with fluids. I know for a fact that the zipper area was dry, completely but I'm not sure about the part below the zipper area.

So 5 days after that, on nov 12 I got my period on time. It seemed normal and lasted for 8 days. 4 weeks later on dec 8 I got brown discharge and the brown thing becomes more and more for 3 days but I only wore pantyliners for those 3 days. Then it got dark but only for 2 days and then turned brown for a day and stopped completely. I got sick that week so I thought that could cause the weird period but I took 2 Hpt that week. It turned out negative. So I was relieved.

However 2 weeks later, on dec 27 I got brown discharge and thought it was ovulation spotting but it was my period. Today is the 7th day and it's still going. I took 2 pregnancy tests today again, turned to be negative also. But the pink negative sign is more faint than the sign on the control window, much like this equate picture after 5 minutes:

I got worried because it was that faint. Also, I felt so tired today that I laid in bed allday. I couldn't eat anything because food make me feel sick. I feel fine now but earlier I wasn't. The thing is that I was so stressed out yesterday so I'm not sure if tHat made my mind played tricks on me. I didn't throw up when I see food, just some weird feeling like I would. I didn't feel it in my stomach or throat, and didn't gag that's why I thought it was all in my head but I'm not sure.

Another thing, that night of nov7, I was scared of what I did so I slept in those jeans and underwear. So what are the chances of being pregnant?

And the week of dec 27, I had sore breast, cramps and backaches but it went away now so I think that was bcuz of my period.

Please please answer honestly! And I'm sorry it is so long.


I read the sticky. But my question is that I wore those jeans and underwear for at least 12 hours. So what are the chances?