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I was with my girlfriend and we were both basically naked. I fingered her and she was entirely naked. I had my boxers on entirely. This had consisted for at least 1 HR of pure making out, me fingering her, and she did not once touch my penis. At one point we dry humping but my penis slipped out of my boxers and went in. We began to have sex the problem was that we did not mean for this to happen. It only lasted 15 seconds at max. However, after being aroused for such a long period of time, I ejaculated 4 seconds as soon as I came out of her vagina. It was on my boxers. At that point we realized that what we did was not meant to have happened.

What are the chances of her being pregnant? 

* I was not in there long and did not cum inside. Will fooling around for an 1hr before be a factor in sperm coming out?

She did clean herself right afterwards with water and paper, along with peeing.

She had her period on Nov. 12 and the sex occured on Nov. the 30 into Dec 1st of the night. She has a period of 29 day cycle but says it may vary. The computer said her ovulation period is a day passed, but how long will that stay ahead.

I would apprecaite any help! Thank you!


You should be okay if she cleaned up right but there is still that chance of cum going inside her just to be safe she should take a test.