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hey, im 14 about to turn 15... and well i think i might have a premature ejaculation problem. I have had sex once... that time i lasted about 2-3 mins and i felt like that is a really short time, seeing my mates have told me about there experiences with girls going for half an hour at the least... i beleive i might have caused my problem by masterbation...i used to be mega turned on and masterbate sometimes 5-7 times a day!!! crazy??? welll most of the time wen i did this i tryed to cum as fast as a i can... and sometimes i wud do back to back ejacualtions and i used my PC muscles to assist in getting an erection...which i have heard is a really bad thing to do while masterbating as it causes PE! well i think i have developed bad habbits, and i really want to know how/if i can shake them.... i have a girlfriend and well, im probly gonna have sex with her in the next couple of weeks and i really dont know wat to do... pleaseee any help???!!


Sweetheart, DO NOT listen to your guy friends, the next thing they will eb telling you is that they did "IT" Standing on their head!!! ;-) XD o.O This has gone on since time and memorial honey. Sometimes you will cum quicker and sometimes you wont, most girls/women, don't even care about that because their sexual pleasure area is outside of the vagina! Don't stress about it, it will just make things harder for you, and that is ALL you will be thinking about. When boys are maturing, their penis size, their ability to ejaculate etc, is in the "developing" stage! So don't listen to your friends who say they have "7 inches" or they can last "hours" BELIEVE me hon, they are going through the EXACT same things as you. And EVERY teenage boy masturbates like you do, EXCEPT FOR MY 2 TEENAGERS!!!!!! :O o.O ;-) 8-| XD :$ So just relax about it all, it will ALL work out the way it should.

AND I have to say this, make sure your girlfriend is totally OK with having sex!!!!!! Make sure she does not feel pressured into this, because "Everyone" else is doing it OK? And ALWAYS use a condom, no matter what!!!!!!! If you read some of my posts, it's to young people who have gotten pregnant or an STD with the 1st try. And YES you can get her pregnant the 1sst time!!! And YES precum has some sperm in it! AND NO pulling out isn't safe sex! And YES your relationship WILL change whith her after this! Make sure you are BOTH ready - I know you are ;-) - but you want it to be OK with her!!!

Good luck hon, and don't worry OK?