Understanding the HIV virus increases chances of living a healthier, longer life. In beginning of the epidemic, an AIDS diagnosis signaled death would soon follow. But today, thanks to the development of HIV medications, fewer people are dying of AIDS and regardless of being infected with HIV; many are living a long and productive life. Unfortunately, cost of HIV medications are becoming a massive issue to those living in underdeveloped areas. While that hurdle has been negotiated here in the western world, some of the world’s hardest hit areas still can’t afford to treat their citizens with HIV medications.

Other than these many life-extending drugs are out there. Wealthy countries use multidrug-cocktail therapies that transform AIDS from certain killer to chronic illness and reduce its spread by making the infected less contagious. Due to the fact that these drugs do not lie under the budget line of people in various regions, the government is only providing basic education about AIDS and providing contraceptives to promote safer sex. Is this strategy enough to eliminate AIDS from society? These are all for the pre-infected, what about the people who already carry this disease?

What should be done in order to get an economical solution to this disease? Please give your views and ideas.

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