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Okay so about 48 hours ago, me and my bf were making out and things went a bit further than usual, where he did only put the tip in, he didn't ejaculate when inside me but I have heard that pre-cum can cause a pregnancy, even though he had pissed multiple times since the last time he had ejaculated however I have been told that there is still a chance?

So I was wondering if taking the morning after pill would have any side effects/ short term or long term, and what effects it can have on your following period? And whether I should take it in my situation? 

I really need answers as I only have a short window of time before the opportunity is gone?  



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Hi Ellie I can't really say what after effects the morning after pill will have on you as like most medication it gives different people different side effects and some get none.
As for your period I think they normally bring them forward then your periods run from then on:-)