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Me and my boyfriend were having sex and later we found out the condom was no longer on. He never ejaculated in me and within 24 hours I took the morning after pill just in case. I'm 16 and it was my first time and a friend told me my tubes aren't fully open yet. I'm really nervous, what are my chances?


You really don't have much to worry about. First of all he never ejaculated inside you, plus you took an emergency contraceptive. Emergency contraceptives alone have a very very low failure rate- comparable to that of a regular birth control pill. However, you should NOT take emergency contraceptives as a form of birth control. If you are going to be sexually active, just make sure you always have some form of protection, whether it be condoms, or the pill, or the patch, or the ring, or whatever else your doctor suggests- just don't rely on the morning after pill.

Again, you dont have anything to worry about, especially since there is only a window of about two to three days when you are fertile enough to get pregnant in one menstrual cycle.

As for the tubes thing that you mentioned- I have never heard that in my life. As far as I know if you are having a menstrual period, you have the ability to get pregnant if timing is correct.