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Marijuana is a controversial subject. While it is illegal to buy, sell or consume it, for many people it’s a part of everyday life. But what effect does marijuana have on bodybuilding?

Marijuana and Health

Before we get down to the main purpose of this article, the first thing to say is that marijuana is still illegal. This article is not intended to promote the use of any illegal or elicit substances.

Despite marijuana being illegal, many people smoke it on a daily basis. Also known as cannabis, weed or pot, most people use it for getting high as a method of relaxation. While there certainly isn’t the stigma attached to it that there may be for class A drugs like heroin or cocaine, marijuana still has side effects that will affect the way your body works.

Marijuana comes from the cannabis plant. There are nearly 500 different components in cannabis, but only one active ingredient – delta-9-THC, or THC for short, which affects your nerve receptors and brain cells. THC is most effectively absorbed when you smoke marijuana, and has a fairly rapid effect. It circulates fairly quickly around the body, but in most cases will leave your system within five days, depending on the amount you ingest. Although with chronic users, THC is more likely to be stored in fat tissue around your body, which can take anything from 10 to 20 days to leave your system.

Marijuana is typically used for relaxation purposes and to heighten your senses of pleasure.

You become more focused on certain stimuli, which increases your appreciation and enjoyment of food, sex and music. It’s not unlike the feeling of being mildly drunk.

Weed has been associated with decreased reaction times, increasing feelings or paranoia and nervousness and impairing short term memory.

The effects of marijuana do vary greatly from person to person. One individual may find they get all the side effects of smoking weed to a high degree and become addicted to it, whereas someone else may find it does little for them or that they can smoke it infrequently, enjoy the experience and have a very relaxed attitude towards the drug, not really feeling any reliance on it whatsoever.

Clearly, while these effects aren’t bodybuilding specific, bodybuilders too function in the same way as those who don’t train. A bodybuilder who regularly smokes pot will find themselves susceptible to potential short term memory loss, decreased reaction times and a heightened sense of paranoia and anxiety, which not only effect your general health, but have a knock on effect to performance too. If you become reliant on the drug, you’re far more likely to skip sessions and under-perform in the gym.

But there are more serious side effects that can interfere with your future in bodybuilding.
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