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I have been on hydrocodone 10/500mg (4 times daily) over the past 3 years. Prior to that I was taking oxycodone (about 90mg daily) for about 2 years and initially on a combination of Duragesic sp? 3 x 100microgram patches and 50mg of oxycodone (combined/daily) for about 1 year. Obviously the patches were only replaced every 3 days.

I have stopped taking the hydrocodone "cold turkey", (3-days now). The depression and anxiety are overwhelming! How long can I expect this to last? I am doing this without my doctor's knowledge, for fear that if I tell him of my desire to "quit" this will automatically stop my prescriptions. I'm not sure I can do this!

I have no health insurance and barely enough money to pay my bills (treatment centers are not an option)..........How long can my withdrawal take?


Going 'cold turkey' with meds that you have been taking for a long time is generally very difficult to do. You need to gradually decrease the amount you take over the course of 2 weeks to greatly reduce the withdrawal problems.

As for how long it takes for withdrawal in general i cant answer. However, i would say stopping medication completely might be a bad idea if your depression and anxiety are going through the roof.

Hope some of that helps.