I just started the ortho-tricyclen birth control pill 2 months ago. Right now I am at the end of my sugar pills on the 2nd packet. I realized that my period is schedule at a really bad time for me during the months and would like to change it to a week later or not have my period for the next two months, how can I do this? Should I go off my pills for a week and then start over so my period comes later or should I just skip over my sugar pills and start a new pack? Also I was researching on the internet and I found something on trying to fake a period for a month by taking your 7 white pills, then 7 light blue, then blue, and then starting a new pack right away and taking 7 blue, 7 light blue, 7 white, and then taking green to bleed. Also the reason I want to do this is because I am going on my honeymoon, so another idea I had is to maybe not finish all my last 7 blue pills and start my green ones early so I could get my period before and then be starting a new pack before I go?? What do you suggest???