Write the signs in Welsh. For that matter you can confuse anyone with that language.

Welsh cyclists beware - inflamed bladders ahead

LONDON: Council officials in Wales were left red-faced after discovering cyclists were being confused by a road sign telling them they had a bladder problem.

Officials had translated the command "cyclists dismount" from English into Welsh for the sign between Penarth and the capital Cardiff. However, the result had been the baffling phrase: "Llid y bledren dymchwelyd" which roughly translates as "bladder inflammation overturn".

"The root of the problem was seeking an online translation and that's where it went wrong," a council spokesman said on Wednesday. "Unfortunately on this occasion we ended up with the problem."

All signs in Wales must be written in both the local language as well as English.

"The order in which the words have been placed means the sentence makes no sense whatsoever," Welsh-language expert Owain Sgiv told the South Wales Echo newspaper.

"It certainly does not mean anything like cyclists dismount."

The council spokesman said the sign was being replaced.