Dr. Erika Dyck, from the University of Alberta in Canada, found some intriguing facts about a trial performed 50-60 years ago on the LSD affects on the mind of alcoholics.

She found out that a single dose of a LSD drug, given in a clinical, nurturing environment, had such an influence on the mind of alcoholics that they quit drinking and stayed sober for the next forty years.

The scientists realized that people on LSD and those going through delirium tremens had similar experience and that LSD managed to trigger this point in the alcoholics by giving them an out of body experience. For those who do not know, delirium tremens is a condition associated with complete alcohol withdrawal in which the persons experience vivid hallucinations.

Alcoholics, who received LSD in trials, managed to see their unhealthy behavior more objectively in this unique LSD experience and decided to call it quits.

Dr. Erika Dyck and hear team even interviewed some of the patients who participated in the study and find out that the experience was so unique that they haven’t tasted alcohol ever since.

Results from another study done back in 1962 that lasted for 1,5 years show that 65% of the people who underwent LSD treatment stayed sober for at least 1,5 while only 25% of those who received group therapy and 12% of those with traditional psychotherapy used back were able to do so.

Later experiments performed with LSD in isolation did not give the same results as the patients were blindfolded or tied up before they received the drug.

However, Dr. Erika Dyck was amazed with the successful studies and believes that an LSD treatment is an amazing therapy.

Studies with LSD were stopped back then because the LSD’s popularity as the street drug led to its ban in the late 60’s. Medical experiments were banned too.