Cognitive behavioural therapy may be all that is needed in treating infertility-a new study finds. The study did a research on stress impact on women’s ability to become pregnant and the researchers were amazed by the results. High levels of cortisol, a hormone that is being released during stressful situations, seem to have a great negative influence on ovulation and may even prevent it.

Women who are most at risk are those with hectic jobs, who don’t even admit or even worse realize that they have a lot of going on.
The study showed that reducing stress could actually induce ovulation and that simple behavioral therapies could reduce cortisol stress.
It was a very small study and it included 16 women in their twenties and thirties who had normal weight but had not had a period for six months. All of them had high cortisol levels.

Women were divided in two groups and one group was subjected to behavioral therapy while other received no treatment.
80% of women who underwent the therapy started ovulating again and two of them even got pregnant. Researchers are hoping that behavioral therapy may soon become a recognized infertility treatment or at least a helpful approach to the problem.