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A friend of mine told me about Hydrochlorot. She said her Dr put her on a blood preesure pill PLUS hydrochlorot and weight loss was one of the side effects. She says she has lost 50 lbs over several months and she was really happy with that. She suggested I consult my doc about the pill (25mg) since I'm overweight. However, I'm already on a medication to control my blood pressure and it runs 117/70 on that medication. I take Toprol XL (50mg), Klonopin (3mg/day),Wellbutrin XL (150mg), and Geodon (80mg/day). Should I even consider Hydrochlorot, or using it to replace the Toprol? Please help, I'm desperate to lose weight.


I searched online for interactions and found that the combo of Geodon, Hydrochlorothiazide, Klonopin and Wellbutrin caused no interactions while in the Geodon, Toprol, Hydrochlorot, Klonopin and Wellbutrin there was a possible interaction between Toprol and Klonopin. Although poorly documented and minor in severe, it could still occur. Klonopin may not be broken down well by the liver if it interacted with Toprol. This could cause side effects due to high levels of Klonopin in the blood. The most common would be loss of appetite, slow reflexes, dizziness, drowsiness, etc

If you have any of these symptoms, you know where they are coming from.

By the way, I would turn to medications in order to lose weight but to proper nutrition and activity.