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I'm 17, and I was just wondering what the damage would be to smoke while taking Wellbutrin XL (150mg), Seroquel (300mg), Lamictal (100mg), and Concerta (72mg)?

Today will be my first day taking the Wellbutrin ~ but I've been smoking while taking my other medication for months.

I've had a couple of really awful trips... Severe anxiety and panic attacks.. gnarly fear of dying... things like that. But other than that, I think I've been alright.

I have a really high pill tolerance, but I'd still feel better if I could get a little feedback.

And also... Sorry it sounds really really stupid, but I wanted to take 3 Seroquel, 4 Lamictal, and 4 Concerta.... So that's 900mg of Seroquel, 400mg of Lamictal, and 144mg of Concerta + the 150mg of Wellbutrin.

I'm thinking at most, it'll just knock me out, ya know? But I'll probably stop at the 400mg of Lamictal, and maybe 300 or 600mg of Seroquel. (But I will have taken my regular dose of Concerta and Lamictal before)

Any feedback would be greeeatly appreciated!!! ^___^



I have some feedback for you....... GO TO REHAB!!!!


My daughter takes wellbutrin and smokes..she is always sick lost weight can't. Eat -stomach is hard- gut hurts-weighs 85 pounds and doctors can't find anything wrong.