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Would anyone say that Hydroxycut has any counter affects with the Nexplanon? As I just had a baby four months ago and am not ready for another child just yet that is why I recieved this. As I was on the depo when I started hydroxycut with no side affects.



Hydroxycut shouldn't interfere with your birth control since it's basically herbal mixture with green coffee extract added to it sometimes. None of the herbal ingredients - olives, wild mint or lady mantle have impact on hormonal birth control, such as both depo and nexplanon. The fact that it didn't have any negative effects while you took it on depo goes to show that, and nexplanon generally has even less hormonal side effects than depo.

However, if you notice anything out of the ordinary you should report it either to your pharmacist or your doctor. Because Hydroxycut is herbal supplement it's not FDA regulated and it's not required for them to list all possible side effects or interactions with other medications. Chances are there won't be any, but to be on the safe side - once you reach your target weight, try maintaining that weight with dietary changes.