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Hi i am 20 years old, going to gym regularly starting last month and i just want to know if it's ok if i took hydroxycut in the morning and before going to gym and after il drink a protein drinks(nitro tech). is that ok? what would be the possible effect of my body after a few months? will it keep my body perfectly fit? or il just lose all the protein and become slim without any muscle? thanks...hoping for a quick response and greatly appreciated..=)


First of all I must congratulate to you because you have started with the gym. This is great way to get yourself into shape and to lose some weight if you think that you need to. If there are some problematic regions on your body be sure to talk with your trainer and ask him about best exercises to get the best results. 

As for the other part of your question, I wouldn't recommend neither of these products. Hydroxycut is going to help with weight loss and Nitro tech with muscle building. What is going to happen if you mix these two? I would ask trainer and even a doctor is it safe to take both products in a combination with the gym. Usually all slimming products come with some type of side effects and you never know how your body is going to react so please be careful. 

Since you are going to the gym maybe you should try to accomplish your goals through the natural way. You are 20 years old so your body will work with you. Let us know about your decision and your results.