i suggest every one stop taking depo or any other birth control. just use condoms or get your tubes tide or try the with drawl method. read the side effects of what you take. no matter how much you think you like having no period actually think would you rather have a period and healthy body or no period and weak bones and hair loss and get fat and all the other side effects from birth control. nature gave you a period and you need it weather you like it or not. and for all the people that say you are a slave to your period, you are stupid. its not like you have sex every day and if you do one week out of a month of no sex wont kill you. and if you object then you are just saying you are a slave to sex and it controles your life.there is more to life then sex. besides birth control cant protect against stds or hiv. sex is not bad but it is not worth all the damage that birth control can do to you now and latter in time. and for real i would rather have a baby then kill myself trying to avoid it pregnancy does not last for ever and if you dont want a baby just take precaution and if you do get pregnant and you dont want it just adopt it out to one of the thousands of people who desprately want children and cant have one. abortion is murder its not your body and you dont have a right to kill your own child. it may be inside of you but its not you. and how would you feel if your mother told you that she wanted you aborted cause its her body and she has a right to choose? but besides that be responsible protect your self hiv and stds are real and birth control realy does have side effects that can really mess you up. do what is responsible for your sake and some one else your babies even though you may not be pregnant you can still get pregnant even on some birthcontrol methods. even though they dont feel as good, condoms do work. and having multiple partners is gross and unsafe. i know people may not care or wont even give what i said a second thought but to the people who do care about there selves there are safer ways to handel birth control and the spread of stds and having one partner can help as well as using condomes there is nothing wrong with them i do both and i am not pregnant and i dont have aids or stds and even if your partner cheated on you and had sex with someone else and then with you, a condom could reduce the spread of all the other stuff no one ever thinks about untill its to late. sex is not worth dying over or killing over (abortion IS killing your own baby) so think be for you do some thing stupid. really i do belive in being married i am married and ya you can have fun in a real relationship thats really what all the little tips people try to get a good sex life are for. its the truth weather you like it or not its gross having multiple partners as well as taking drugs (birth control is drugs thats why it hurts your body , besides i love having a period it makes me feel like a girl. im not a man only men dont have periods. but for real after you go off your period it makes sex feel better because your body got a chance to rest and recover and yes i did use birth control (depo) and it was not worth it it made me not want sex any more and it made me feel worse then being pregnant (i have two beautiful sons. and no they were not so called accedents. i love my babies more than anything even more then myself and i would rather be pregnant again for a third time then take birth control again. think about your real options, poison your self with somebody elses germs and sicknesses or birthcontrol just to make it were you can have sex with no condom, or just use a condom and if you are in a relation ship use the withdrawl method they both work if you are careful. and killing your baby is not something to even concider. i know there is no way i could do that. i feel that way even more now that i know my children. why prepare for sex when you need to prepare for what you will do if you did get pregnant or even worse you got stds or aids. besides sex is more fun when you know and love the person you have it with. remember to talk with your partner about babies and stds. it is there responsability to. and if you do get pregnant and you get an "abortion" remember the father has a right to have there child also and a child has a right to live too. there are natural ways that can prevent pregnance that work, you just have to find one that works. pregnancy weight does go away, but weight that you gain from birth control is harder to lose. read the side effects and actually think, do you really want that to happenb to you, because it can if you use it. even if it says one in a million, you dont know if you are that one out of that million that the side effect will happen to. stat healthy and keep your loved ones healthy too ;-)