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So a week after my first period i accidentally used my bros razor, that was four months ago and i haven't had another period ever since, (I know irregular periods) You have to get sperm to reach your vagina to become pregnant so what if that happened, What if he ejaculated on the razor and it brushed into my vagina before it dried up? Me and him are both swimmer so we both have to shave down there. But after four months i have gotten period symptoms like cramps, diarrhea, eating more, and i have also gained 3 pounds! IN January i lost 3 pounds which scared me cuz you lose weight when your pregnant, then gain weight. I started these period symptoms Last Saturday on the 15th of March. Could these be pregnancy symptoms instead? Could you please be detailed of why or why not, im paranoid at the moment. I cant sleep i hear noise in my stomach, feel movement, Im 13 and so scared!!!


Hello Carlee

Sorry about those issues. First thing first - sharing razor is unhygenic! Next time get your own. Secondly without having unprotected sex you cannot be pregnant. I guess it is more psychological than physical. Usually girls suffer from water retention issues.

Hope this helps?