I'm 16 and i haven't had my period for almost three months. Back in early may i didn't take my birth control the day before i had sex (unprotected) and didn't take my birth control for nearly 4-5 days afterward. About 4-8 day after that i had an interesting spotting, kinda brownish and like a period. I didn't think anything of pregnancy for three months but now i'm a little curious what's going on because i haven't had my period for nearly three months. oh, and back in may i weighed 127 pounds but now, 3 months later, i weigh 135 (2 weeks ago) and most recently i went to the doctor and am now 136.2 pounds. I decided it was possible that i may be pregnant and so i took three urine pregnancy tests ( 2 from home and one from PP ) which came out negative (phew!) but i am still a little hesitant because i take lamictal and a couple of other medications to help with moodines and so on. I take 250mg of lamictal and am thinking that that could've possibly affected any urine test results. I've talked with my mom. She's okay either way. I'm active but this weight gain is still happening. ODD, isn't it? anyways my doctor said that i should do another pregnancy test (urine) in 2 weeks but i'm busy. he also said that the blood tests are still costly no matter were i go. I'm gonna wait till september and see if i gain any more weight. Any advice or thoughts???