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Hey i'm new here, i've been reading everyone's posts but none are close to what my situation is.

I visited my boyfriend in June and left july 2, i got my period July 15th for three days, (me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex, towards the end of June)
In August, my friend visited me, when im around a girl for a long period of time my period changes! Still in Aug, i was getting sick, stomach aches, feeling like puking but not, and my breast seemed to be sore like i was ready to start my period.. But didn't. Mind you, I've been eating, so it couldn't be weight lost, we went out to eat a lot.

So i wasn't worried about it at all because i figured it must of been two girls being around each other. After she left on the 30th of aug, i stayed out of work for a whole week because i was sick. I thought maybe it was because i was hungry or not enough water, but after i would eat i would get SO sick! I stayed in bed all day, sleeping.

So sept 15th (the 15th is usually when i get my period) didn't get my period.

When Oct came around i was having real bad leg pains, i usually always get knee cramps and such when im expecting a period. I was suppose to have started my period the next day. So finally i told my mom and she got me HPT, two of them, and they were both negative, i took one Oct 20th, and the next day. I had a gut feeling something still wasnt right, i did feel like i was pregnant. So on wednesday we went to a clinic and the test was negative again! I still felt something wasnt right. This HAS NEVER Happened to me before. The ONLY time i've missed my periods like this was when i FIRST started a period ever and thats when i was 12 i am now 20.

Lately i've been see more and more symptoms to pregnancy, by reading online, morning sickness right when i wake up its like a slap in the face, but i don't vomit at all, i just gag and then feel fine after i gag? haha weird.. I can smell things others cant, heartburn to the max, wet/watery discharge from mhm, and my nipple do seem to be darker, and people have been commenting on how my hair looks so much darker and my hair has been really oily than usual.

Well, just recently i just took a blood test and and it said it was negative. They said my hormones werent high enough? it was like a 5.

My mom is planning on taking me to her doctor, i'm really worried and stressed out, because i don't want it to be something serious, i havent stress out about this at all until i started getting negative tests and actually thinking im pregnant. IF you guys have any advice please give me some! I need it.



Ok well I would say getting a blood test or having a inner ultrasound



Im thinking your problem could be PCOS ( Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) But id go in and see your doctor!

Have A Good One!