Ok so i first got my period on 14th of December and a week later i accidentally used my step brothers razor to shave down there for swimming. (EW I KNOW) Then in January i missed my period (Irregular periods) So when i told my friend she was like ''Woah i think you need to see a doctor..'' That freaked me out so i thought of every way i could be pregnant and the razor thing is the only way. So i came up with all the ways it could happen. (BTW YOU CAN BE PREGNANT WITHOUT SEX A SPERM HAS TO REACH YOUR VAGINA I TOOK A CLASS ABOUT THIS) The only way if is the razor had sperm on it. So whenever i see something online that says ''only one sperm can get you pregnant'' its freaks me out because i might be!!!! I know that i used it right after him, so the sperm couldn't have dried up that fast. I also havent got my period for 3 months and i look like im 3 months pregnant, but everyone keeps saying its a false pregnancy, from worrying so much. Is this true? Whats the percentage that im pregnant? Can you give facts? Experiences? Something to help me calm down a bit?