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i am currently taking ortho tri cyclen lo over the last two years, I am about a week away from getting my period and i have never had experienced sore breast, they really hurt. the pain goes from around my nipple to underneath my breast. i need help with this. i live with my boyfriend and i have noticed over the last week that if i eat anything before i sleep i feel nausea and want to vomit, it also feels that way if i get up to get something to drink, im not sure if i could be pregnant but i don't think that it is possible because i take my pill the same time everyday, and i have not missed it. i also noticed with the pain and the tenderness that my breast seem to be bigger.. please help %-)


If you took the pill everyday, without missing it, I would say pregnancy chances are very very slim.

I have been on the pill (ortho tri cyclen) for around 4 years.. and I have noticed that lately my pms symptoms are pretty bad every month. I plan on asking my doctor about it too.

You can take a home pregnancy test as soon as one day before your missed period. First response is an early detection one, and can be taken as early as 5 days before your missed period.

Best of luck!