Well, I have been on ortho tri cyclen lo for 2 months now and I feel it has made me NUTZ. I am already someone who struggles with depression. I feel helpless. My boyfriend can't "come" with condoms and I feel helpless in this situation. I have struggled with a lot of emotional issues around sex and this pill is just making me feel like a sad drone. I also have had problems around my period feeling angry and combattive. My Dr. says I should try the Nuva Ring. Frankly, I don't want any of this in my system. I have previously tried 2 different pills that have more projesterone in them. That led to a non existent libido. Now, I feel I have a low libido still and I am so depressed.
I know I have to go off of this but I feel confused. I feel I am between a rock and a hard place. The IUD is also not an option because I already have hard periods (copper) and the other IUD has projesterone which was just the reason I left the other 2 pills.