I started a pack of Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo nine days before I got married. I started it taking the light blue pills first, this is my very first BC ever. We had unprotected sex and he c*mmed in me when I was on day 10 of the pills. We've done that(him c*mming in me)since then about 4 more times. Today is my first day on the inactive green pills and before this I have been cramping like two nights ago I was cramping, the next day cramping some through the day, last night some and today a bit....my last period started the 14th of September I think. I don't remember. And I started the pills September 23rd. Should I buy a pregnancy test? And when should I take the test? My periods are irregular but I do have them every month. Might have missed one month but that was long ago.