On 28th September I had sex with my boyfriend and we used a condom, I was on top of him and after he ejaculated, semen started leaking out of the base of the condom (not the tip) but he pulled out as soon as he ejaculated so I'm not sure if I got any semen on or in me and his semen was also leaking down onto his testicles because he was laying down

On 3rd October I got my period (withdrawal bleeding which occurs every 21-22 days since I am on birth control pills) and my period finished on 9 October and bleeding was normal like always

10th October, the day after my period finished (today) I am experiencing light pink/brownish spotting which has been happening for a few hours now and I had some abdominal pain which lasted about 30-40 mins and then disappeared

(This is all 12 days after the sex)

Could I be pregnant??? Is this because of my birth control pills?? (I take YAZ birth control pills) I have been on the pill for 2 years now and I have also never missed a pill, please help I am freaking out!!