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I've been on the pill for 4 years (Yaz) and have regular periods every month like clockwork on the SAME day.
I've never had spotting or any type of problems between periods.

A few days ago a noticed that I was cramping a little bit but it went away. Last night I also had slight cramping and now today I have a dark brownish discharge when I wiped.

I had unprotected sex a about a week ago and I'm really worried I might be pregnant?

Has anyone had these symptoms before? I don't want to jump to conclusions :-(


Unprotected sex means without a condom. This would also give the impression that he finished and ejaculated inside of you. Semen can live for a couple of days inside of you. It will then work it's way back out. It will be discolored as it is pushed back out. If you are really concerned still, get an over the counter test. The do suggest waiting until you have missed the period before the test for best results.