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okay so here's the story. i've been on birth control for 3 months and stop taking my pink pills on saturday. This sunday i started my last week (white pills). My boyfriend and i had sex on monday without a condom and he finished in me (long story.. i know it was very dumb, but it happened) It was his second time finishing so we hoped he shot blanks. I got my period on wed. like i normally do; however, it lasted for a day and was light. on thursday i took plan b and am waiting another 12 hours to take the other one in the morning. is there a chance that i could be pregnant because i've never gotten my period for only one day. My plan is to take a preg. test tomorrow.


You ARE PROTECTED on your placebo(PILL FREE) week, so PLAN B was not necessary!

AS long as you took your pills everyday you are protected, no plan b is needed.

PLAN B does cause your period to lighten or 'act funny', so that is not unusual.