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i am a 15 years old girl which never dated a boy and that is normal.
i have strong relationships with girls , it is normal.
what i think is not normal is me loving a girl.
i told my mother about it and she tried her best to convince me, it is just a time you will go through it , and that i am not a lesbian cause i had no physical contact with the girl.
and it has been a long time from that, and everything is normal, she change in front of me, we share the bed at night, nothing happened everything is so cool.
she is not lesbian.
i don't believe i am lesbian, everything is normal.
but then...
few days ago, i went to her house and we went to sleep, and she went into real deep sleep she didn't feel anything, and i actually started touching her, she felt nothing, and it is seems that she was dreaming about her boyfriend, so when i touched her she touched me back, and i actually liked it, so i grabbed her and we started kissing and everything, it was so amazing. and i had my first kiss and first make out from her. and we kept on doing it for 2 hours. and then we stopped, and i cant believe that she was dreaming all that time.
anyways, she is a real real close person to me.
and next morning she didn't know about what happened at night, and i didn't tell her.
and i am afraid that what happened can affect my mind.
i don't want to be lesbian, cause i don't believe that i am, but i keep on telling my self that i am a lesbian.
and believe me, i enjoyed it, because i never had it from a boy. and i am into guys, i love men, there body and everything, but my culture and my traditions avoid me from dating a guy, it will destroy my reputation, and i can be lesbian, cause it would be worst than dating a guy.
and finally i would say i am a teenager that is messed up and i need some help.
if you have any solutions, please help me, i don't want to be lesbian.
thank you very much! <3


Okay so it is obvious that you have strong feelings for the girl whom you are very close with, but yet you say you love men. Usually at a young age(4-10) kids start to experience likings towards the different sex, maybe you got yours a little later, i don't know.

It's up to you to know for sure if you are gay or not, we here cant tell you that for sure, but if you do make up your mind and just come to the conclusion that you are indeed a lesbian...then you'll need to learn to be comfortable with that, because that's who you are.

One of my friends found out that she liked girls in the 6th grade....ever since then she's been real comfortable with herself and her liking towards women. She can care less if people look at her weird...she knows who she is, not them. But before she knew that she liked girls more than boys she had sex with both a girl and a boy at different times...she came to the conclusion that she liked girls way more than boys.

So don't stress...if people do not accept you for who you are then that's their problem...not yours. As long as you know your a good person then everything is alright.

Goodluck & Godbless<3



dear copyright

ur problem if their is any is all about choice ( your choice )

listen being lesbian or straight or gay or bisexual is life choice and the most important one to b honest

ur sexual life is just ur own not for any one els , like i said it is choise issue and by all means u have to stick to ur choice , i think i understand what u being trough cause if my thoughts are right u and i share the same background (and iam lesbian and proud to say it ) yes not alot of ppl know , but i have active sexual life and this is how i like it

hope u are wise and choose good choice and the right thing for u :)


must be your age because theres lots of young girls that have some kind of sexual experience with other girls your hormones are raging .and yes u enjoyed it its not u thats confused its your hormones thats confused and its normal part of growing up.theres lots of young girls that have the same thing happen to them and most end up being straight when there older ...Think about it do u really believe your friend was a sleep for two hour noway.I would bet she going through the same thing .