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Being healthy and maintaining a high frequency have been vitally important to me for most of my life. Because of this, I have been highly motivated to eat extremely well.

At a 5-Day Intensive, we had a discussion about how food affects frequency. In my experience, it is much harder to maintain a high enough frequency to stay connected with my Guidance if I eat any junk - packaged food, sugar, other refined carbs. To maintain my connection with my Guidance, as well as have the high energy and great health I need to do all that I do, I need to eat as natural and close to the earth as I can. So everything I eat is fresh and organic, with tons of vegetables.

One of the participants at the Intensive said that she has always had a struggle with her weight and with being motivated to eat well. She shared that this was the first time she found a motivation for eating well, which was keeping her frequency high so that she could be connected with her Guidance most of the time. She was very excited about being able to make a choice that enables her to experience this connection much more of the time.

I've often wondered why more people are not motivated to eat well, even if they know that eating junk may be causing serious health problems. When I asked Veronica in a phone session why she was not motivated to eat well, her answer was, "I feel so lonely in my life and I don't see it getting better. The loneliness is too much and food is the only thing that takes it away for a while. Even though I know that it is harming me, I don't care. I'd rather die than go on feeling this lonely."

Veronica's experience is very common in our society. Even if you are taking loving emotional care of yourself, if you have no one with whom to share love you might still feel very lonely. It is very lonely to be in a relationship with someone who is not open and available to share love, and it may be very lonely to be alone. But no one needs to be a victim of loneliness. We all have the choice to reach out and find ways of connecting with others and giving to others. It is vitally important to find loving ways of giving your love and sharing your love so that you are not being a victim of loneliness. You will discover that the more you offer your love, the fuller you feel and the more motivation you have to be physically healthy and maintain a high frequency.

You might be stuck in a negative circular pattern: you eat badly, which lowers your frequency and disconnects you from your spiritual Guidance. Your bad eating makes you feel bad emotionally, which takes away your motivation to love yourself and others, which leads to the very loneliness and aloneness that leads to eating badly.

You might want to try an experiment for a week. First, write down how you feel physically and emotionally. Then, for one week, eat lots and lots of fresh organic raw and cooked vegetables, fresh organic fruits, some organic whole grains, and, if you are a meat eater, organic free range poultry, clean fish, and organic grass-finished meats. Eliminate dairy unless you can get organic raw milk and cheese. Eliminate all bread except organic sprouted bread. Eliminate all white refined products, all packaged and canned food, and all sugar. At the end of the week, evaluate how you feel emotionally and physically. If there is any improvement at all, try it for another week. It may take at least 3 weeks to notice a big difference.

You might be amazed at the difference in your energy level, your overall health, and your ability to stay connected with your Guidance!

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